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    1. The main tunnel of ganxigou tunnel of Zhengzhou Wanzhou high speed railway breaks through ten thousand meters

          New progress is expected in the Chongqing section of the Zhengzhou Wanzhou high speed railway. On June 17, the reporter learned from the zhengwan Railway Project Department of the fourth company of China Railway First Bureau that the total excavation of the main tunnel of ganxigou tunnel, a key and difficult project of the whole line, has exceeded the 10000 meter mark, which laid the foundation for the scheduled opening of zhengwan high-speed railway.
          The total length of ganxigou tunnel is 11.883km. The geological conditions of the tunnel are complex, and soft surrounding rock accounts for 80.5%. Unfavorable geology includes karst, shallow burial (the minimum burial depth is only 10 meters), rock pile, bedding bias, etc. In particular, the tunnel crosses the fenghuangliang tunnel of Shanghai Chengdu expressway, with a clear distance of only 53 meters.
          In order to recover novel coronavirus pneumonia, the dry stream tunnel has resumed since February. Based on the construction of red line of safety quality, the "layer by window pouring", "liquid level relay" and "mould grouting" are innovating. At the same time, the project department comprehensively carried out the special labor competition of "anti epidemic situation, growth guarantee and 100 days' hard work", solved the construction problems on site, paid close attention to the process connection, and strengthened the on-site resource allocation. In particular, in terms of promoting construction efficiency, the No. 3 mixing station of the project department innovatively adopts the intelligent mixing station, which integrates the three independent management systems of materials, test and production of the traditional mixing station into a large platform, forming a "big data" center, realizing the complete traceability and data disclosure of process data, and the efficiency is significantly improved by nearly 20% compared with the previous.
          A series of measures of the project department accelerated the construction progress. At present, at the speed of 13 meters a day.
          According to reports, Zheng Wan high-speed railway is an important part of the national key construction project "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railway network, with a total length of 818 kilometers, including more than 180 kilometers of Chongqing section, which is a fast passage from southwest to Central Plains and Beijing. After the whole line is completed and opened to traffic, the space-time distance between Chongqing and central and North China will be greatly shortened. Nantong Chuangda Machinery Co., Ltd







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